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For Event Participants

Q. What is the refund policy?

A. There are no refunds or transfers. Exchanges can be made for events of equal or lesser value from the same race director provided the request is made before the event occurs.

For Event Owners will let you organize event for less money or no money.

Q. What is the payment company id?

A. It depends on your payment company. For example for Google Checkout, it's your merchant id. For PayPal, it's your email address. For non profits, see to sign up. Or search for PayPal or Google Checkout signup pages to get your id.

Q. How do I get the sign up url for my event?

A. The sign up url is on the home page as the "Sign up for this Event" link. Just cut and paste that link into your website. E.g.,

Q. Why is this free?

A. The goal is to promote non profit groups and events. The money gets to the groups faster and there are no hidden fees. This allows groups to thrive.

Q. Will there be ads?

A. Eventually. But not too many.

Q. How many hits can the site take?

A. 5 million a month.

Q. Who should I contact with questions and suggestions?